Numerical control system
CNC system mainly including HAN 'S 301 series, HAN' S 701 series, HAN 'S 801 series
Function module
Functional hardware mainly including bus function module, extension, function modules and simple connection device and other functional modules.
Visual system
Visual mainly including laser welding seam tracking system positioning and detection system, cutting excess stock system, laser cutting double vision positioning system.
Height adjusting system
Laser cutting height adjustment system mainly including capacitance sensor, capacitance higher module and preamplifier.
Manufaturing excution system
Han's MeSys laser equipment information management system is a production information management system for workshop management of manufacturing enterprises. It can provide enterprises with real-time monitoring of order progress, equipment status management, production data management, wearing part maintenance management and FMS automatic production line monitoring and other management modules, and build a comprehensive information management system for enterprises.
CAM software
CAM software mainly including, laser tool mould CAM software, aluminum alloy double saw CAM machining center CAM, carpentry, woodworking band saw six sides drill CAM CAM.
The man-machine interface
Man-machine interface mainly including 17 inch touch human-machine interface and 19 inch touch human-machine interface.
Operation panel
Operation panel mainly including HAN'S KBP 104、HAN'S KBP 105、HAN'S KBP 106、HAN'S KBP 109、HAN'S KBP 302、HAN'S KBP 401、HAN'S KBP 501.
Company Introduction
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Han's Smart Control Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Han's SMC”) is affiliated to Han's Smart Group Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Han's SME”).
Han's SMC constantly committed to the research and development of control technology and control systemwe provide core intelligent control solutions for equipment manufacturers engaged in intelligent manufacturing. The major products include CNC system, industrial CAM/MES software, visual system, laser cutting height adjusting system, functional hardware and so on. The products have been widely used in laser industry, woodworking industry, aluminum alloy industry and so on.
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