Company Profile
Shenzhen Han’s Smart Control Technology Co., Ltd ("Han's SMC") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Han's Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd. Han's SMC has long been committed to the research of control technology and control system, provides intelligent control solutions for equipment manufacturers in the field of intelligent manufacturing. The main products include CNC systems, industrial software, vision systems, height control systems, functional hardware, etc. Its products have been widely used in laser processing, aluminum alloy processing, woodworking processing and so on.
Han's Intelligent Control is a high-tech enterprise with core technology competitiveness in the field of intelligent manufacturing. At present, the company has more than 300 patents and software copyrights, with more than 70% of R&D personnel and 30% of sales revenue invested in R&D; The company keeps close cooperation with Intel, Central South University, Hunan University and other key universities all the year round, and continues to promote project research and development and technological innovation.
Group introduction
HAN'S is the meaning of the Han nationality. The Han nationality is the most populous nation in the world and the representative of the Chinese nation. LASER is a laser, the Han laser is the Chinese laser; the red five star between HAN and S represents our five-star complex, whenever you look at it. When I arrived at the Five Stars, I thought of China, which further proved that this is a Chinese company. Another implication is that we hope that our company will continue to grow and develop and form a huge family, which indicates that our business can achieve sustainable development.Founded in 1996, Dazu Laser is the world's leading laser processing equipment listed company. Its main products include laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser engraving machine and laser drilling machine. After more than 20 years of development, now There are more than 12,000 employees and nearly 4,000 R&D teams. The sales revenue of Dazu Laser in 2017 is 11.56 billion yuan. The market value, sales and net profit ranks second in the global laser industry listed companies. Enterprise "CCTV Top Ten Listed Companies" and "Shenzhen Top 100 Industrial Enterprises".Han's Laser Intelligent Equipment Group is a sub-group of Han's Laser, which specializes in R&D, production, sales and service of laser intelligent equipment such as medium and high power laser cutting machines, laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser 3D printers, and automated production lines. With a total investment of more than 2 billion RMB and a global leading position in many products and technologies, it is the leader in the field of laser intelligent manufacturing in China.
Company culture
Leading, fast, service, sharing
Corporate vision
Committed to becoming an excellent supplier of machine tool control systems in China We will go all out to develop and manufacture excellent CNC systems in accordance with the requirements of Chinese customers and in accordance with world-class quality standards.
Our Mission
With strong technical force, we can make secondary development for the characteristics of China's CNC machine tool industry, and create the most satisfactory CNC system for customers.
Production service purpose
Professional focus, consistent
In recent years, China's CNC system industry has grown stronger and has become the world's largest consumer and producer of CNC machine tools.
Big event
Han’s PA automation technology Co., Ltd. had been set up, and started to produce and sale PA8000 series CNC system.
Our company begin to reform management system.
Our company re-build the research and development system;
PA8000 series CNC system in the laser industry achieved batch applications.
Through the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification;
HPA8000 series numerical control system, had realized the localization of the core hardware.
Successfully develop professional laser cutting control software, aluminum processing CAM software, and other products;
Obtained several patents and software copyright.
The first independent brand CNC system of 101 had successfully developed;
The first generation of laser cutting capacitance sensors and raise control system had been developed;
Numerical control of core technology and major breakthroughs in basic theory research;
The total number of company’s intellectual property rights which had applied for is more than 40.
HAN 'S series of independent brand NC system formed series products;
Strategic cooperation agreement signed with Zhongnan university, intensify the industry-university-institute cooperation;
Prime minister Keqiang Li inspected Han’s laser, including the products and research and development situation of CNC system;
Begin to prepare for the establishment of Han’s Smart Control Technology Co., Ltd;
A new generation of motion control algorithm, real-time platform and bus technology development had been completed;
The total number of company’s intellectual property rights which had been applied for is more than 70;
Han’s Smart Control Technology Co., Ltd had been registered formally, Hereinafter referred to asHan’s SMC.
Integrated numerical control system, sensor, the visual system, such as CAM software, MES software products and resources, form a complete set of intelligent control solution;
SMC01 new generation numerical control kernel had been developed;
Company business performance continues to high-speed growth, laser, woodworking, aluminum industries to achieve large-scale application;
The total number of company’s intellectual property rights which had been applied for is more than 110;
The new generation of independent intellectual property rights of numerical control system HAN 'S 801 had been successfully developed;
Sensors and other products began to mass application;
CCTV2 finance channel interview and report the core control technology of Han’s SMC, numerical control technology;
Through the intellectual property management system certification;
Through the national high-tech enterprise certification;
There are more than 100 emploeers, including research and development personnel accounted for more than 60%;
The total number of company’s intellectual property rights which had been applied for is more than 180;
Successful development of laser plane nesting software
The sales revenue exceeded 100 million
Batch application of intelligent control solutions
Approved as a specialized and special new enterprise in Guangdong Province

Approved provincial engineering technology research center
Approved national specialized and new "little giant" enterprise

Won the "Smart System Innovation Solution Award" of China Automation Society

Won the "Red Light Award" Laser Supporting Product Innovation Award

Won the "Jung Technological Innovation Award"

Won the "China Laser Golden Yao Award"
Personnel structure
Our company is made up of a group of excellent staff who are serious, pragmatic and enterprising, 80% of whom are undergraduate and above.
The R&D department accounted for 39%, the sales and service department accounted for 27%, the production and supply chain accounted for 21%, and the management and other departments accounted for 13%.
Management and other personnel
R & D personnel
Sales and service staff
Production and supply chain personnel
Enterprise Certification
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